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    Filter Media-Two layers filter material

    Bag filter media is made of multi-material. Three layers of filter media is hot melted by imported automatic welder. The first layer is coarse fiber filter cotton to arrest the major dust in air, thinner layer is the fiber filter paper to arrest the smaller dust, the outside layer as the strengthen protection layer. There is separated mesh to make the filter bag with even air flow, low resistance, high efficiency. The reasonable tri-layer design makes the products with excellent performance. The firm hot melting technic avoids the air pressure leakage. Separator mesh avoids the joint between bags and refine the air blow area in order to lower the resistance and maximize the dust holding capacity. Air blow temperature is above 85. Width is 0.6-0.75 m. Bag length is requested by customers.


     1)     Outer Scrim/PP non-woven
    A colour-coded scrim is the external final layer of the composite media. This high strength spun bond non-woven material provides strength integrity to the composite filter media. It's colour also provides a visual differentiation for different filtration efficiencies.  

    2)     Meltblown LayerA non-woven microfilter meltblown media layer is designed to filter the remaining sub-micron particulates after the needle punched media layer. This high efficiency mechanical filter media complements the needle punched media layer to effectively enhance a better overall filtration performance.  

    3)     Needle Punched Media Layer
    A needle punched media is designed to filter the mass of larger size airborne particulates in the airflow at a low initial resistance and with its depth filtration , it effectively enhances to increase a higher dust holding capacity.