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    Aluminum photo catalyst filter mesh

    Aluminum six-square mesh with photo catalyst material, long working life and anti-aging.

    Photo catalyst media mesh (light recycle media mesh) is composed of photo catalyst material on filter media mixed with activated carbon. Activated carbon absorbs poisonous and harmful gases and various foul smell, such as aldehyde, benzene, nitrogen-oxide etc. Through lighting(ideal UV wave is about 253nm), photo catalyst media can oxidize the pollutants absorbed by activated carbon and tranfer to harmless CO2 and H2O with function of efficient sterilization. Photo catalyst has the similar function of chlorophyl to supply the reaction space while without chemical reaction so that can be used for long time. Therefore, it is a new air purification filter mesh for manufacturer use, such as air-conditioner, air purifier, auto purification, heater etc.

     Function mechanism: Photo catalyst will be activated by light to produce electons-cavity which can arrest OH and O2 and form the free hydroxide radicle with high oxidation and super oxide anion free radicle O2- and O-. Oxidize pollutants and foul smell, decompose CO2 and H2O. Because of high oxidation ability, cell membrane will be broken in order to sterilize.