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    Mask Cotton----What Is ES Hot Air Cotton?
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    What is ES hot air wool

    Hot air cotton, also known as tuyere cotton, is a new type of thermal insulation material, and is an alternative product of glue-sprayed cotton and silk-like cotton. Hot air cotton is different from glue-spraying cotton. Its fixation method is not using latex, but mixing a certain amount of low melting point fiber or ES two-component fiber in the raw material. In the process of production, the fiber will be fused after being heated and baked, therefore, it also belongs to one of the synthetic fiber filter cotton.

    "ES" in ES hot air Cotton is a kind of composite fiber, which is the abbreviation of "Ethylene-Propylene Side BySide" in English and refers to the name of raw materials. As a new type of heat-jointed composite fiber, esfiber has received high evaluation in the world. Among them, the "hot air" of the hot air cotton refers to a kind of craft. After the fiber is combed, the hot air on the drying equipment is used to penetrate the fiber mesh to make it be heated and bonded to form a nonwoven fabric.


    Technical parameters of hot air Cotton

    Product Name: ES hot air Cotton

    Other names: mask cotton, ES fiber cotton, filter Cotton

    Material: polyester fiber, low melting point fiber

    Production specifications: 15-120g/㎡(N95 masks are generally used for 30-60g/㎡)

    Thickness: 1mm ~ 3mm

    Width: 16-28cm (customizable)

    Color: Pure White

    Packing: Regular packing is made of plastic bags, 50M or 100M/Roll, which can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    Characteristics: It has soft moisture absorption, non-soluble drops, non-toxic, natural degradation, strong thermal insulation and filtration performance.

    Application field: it is mainly applied to filtration, heat insulation, noise reduction, filling and other fields.