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    Floor filter
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    Floor filter paint blanket captures excessive paint from the painting system to avoid paint stains on the equipment, to prevent damage to the painting surface and to protect the external environment · filter the paint particles in the room to reduce exhaust pollution, paint blanket, it is generally applicable to dry paint spraying systems of dry paint spraying rooms, automobiles, furniture and mechanical parts, as well as workshop paint mist filtration or kitchen lampblack filtration.


    The Floor filter is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber, showing an increasing structure, with high capture rate and good isolation effect of paint mist; It has good compression performance and can keep its shape unchanged, the filter fiber is good for storing the paint mist dust; The filter material of the paint mist felt is green and white, and the green side is the windward side of the air; It has elastic and low pressure loss, and has a particularly good filter for the paint mist, the flame retardant paint felt conforms to DIN4102 F1, which has strong temperature resistance and can reach 100% relative temperature resistance; The temperature resistance can reach 170. C can be sliced and rolled for supply.