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    How Is The Smell Of Wallpaper Caused? Is It Harmful To Human Body?
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    Wallpaper is a popular way of wall decoration at present, which is favored by many consumers. Therefore, many people will choose to paste wallpaper when decorating new houses. However, the wallpaper needs adhesive to be pasted on the wall. When the room wallpaper is pasted, it will often produce smell. So, how do these wallpaper smells? Is it harmful to human body?

    1. The problem of wallpaper itself

    Wallpaper is made of materials, usually PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper and pure force. Usually, the obvious smell is mainly PVC wallpaper. PVC wallpaper is also plastic wallpaper. The processing process is to coat the PVC resin on the fiber paper to release the free PVC monomer, sometimes with burning smell.

    2. Wallpaper glue problem

    A lot of glue will be used when pasting wallpaper. Some inferior wallpaper adhesive produced by Bad enterprises is mixed with formaldehyde adhesive to reduce costs and increase viscosity. Wallpaper, irritation and excessive formaldehyde produce most smells due to these adhesives.

    3. The problem of base membrane

    The base film is used to replace the traditional varnish as wall putty to prevent moisture and mildew. A good base film is made of environmentally friendly and tasteless water-based high-tech materials, namely acrylic emulsion. There are also some base membranes using poor materials, which will produce pungent smell.

    You can never get both beauty and practicality. Although wallpaper can increase the color of the room and produce visual beauty, the formaldehyde pollution brought by it will also directly affect our quality of life. Moreover, many wallpaper are made of PVC, which carries a large amount of formaldehyde in the printing process. If it is not treated in time, it will cause harm to human body.

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