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    Beijing's environmental protection and transportation departments jointly strengthen the supervision of motor vehicle maintenance companies
    Click:88 Date:2018-04-17 11:54:00 Information Source:

        Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission recently launched a special environmental protection campaign for motor vehicle maintenance companies in the city to strengthen prevention and control of volatile organic pollutants in motor vehicle maintenance companies and regulate the environmental management of hazardous wastes.
        According to the plan, in May, all companies will conduct self-examination and rectification of the construction, operation, and pollutant discharge of volatile organic pollutants pollution prevention facilities in accordance with the requirements of Beijing Municipal Regulations on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, waste mineral oil, waste lead-acid batteries, etc. Self-check and rectification of hazardous waste recovery and disposal; From June to August, all districts and counties Environmental Protection Bureau will carry out on-site supervision and enforcement to penalize companies that have environmental violations; from September to October, the two levels of urban environmental protection bureaus jointly develop. A special spot check was conducted to inform the city of various types of vehicle maintenance companies about environmental management.
        Through this special action, Beijing will supervise the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the environmental management of motor vehicle maintenance companies in the city, including the operation record system for volatile organic pollutants pollution control facilities, regular detection systems for volatile organic compounds emissions, and the management system for hazardous wastes The monthly report system for hazardous waste management, the information disclosure system, and the cleaner production audit system.
        In addition, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection and Transportation Department will coordinate the establishment of a joint supervision mechanism for the environmental management of motor vehicle maintenance companies, an annual quality reputation assessment mechanism for motor vehicle repair companies, and study and formulate an environmental access mechanism for motor vehicle maintenance companies.
        According to reports, motor vehicle maintenance companies mainly produce two kinds of pollution: First, the volatile organic waste gas generated during the painting and painting operations is an important precursor for the production of PM2.5; second, hazardous mineral oil, waste lead-acid batteries, etc. waste. According to statistics, there are 5,955 various types of motor vehicle maintenance companies in the city, which emit thousands of tons of volatile organic compounds every year, resulting in tens of thousands of tons of hazardous waste such as waste mineral oil and waste lead-acid batteries.