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    Don't rely on the wall! Use air purifiers to avoid four errors
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        In recent days, northern China has been affected by haze. People spend 80% of their time indoors. For this reason, many families purchase air purifiers. However, some purifiers are not as imaginary as "gods." Apart from the quality of purifiers, errors in use are also very important.
        In order to achieve an ideal full house cleansing effect, the air purifier should be placed away from the wall or furniture, preferably in the center of the house or at least 1.5 to 2 meters away from the wall. Otherwise, the airflow generated by the purifier will be blocked, resulting in a smaller purification range and worse performance. In addition, leaning against the wall will also attract dirt hidden in the corner, affecting the life of the purifier.
        When the purifier is in operation, there is a lot of harmful gas around. Therefore, do not place it in too close proximity to people. It should also be properly raised to avoid contact with children. The electrostatic adsorption type purifier can adsorb contaminants in the air on the electrode plate during operation. However, if the design is not reasonable enough, there will be a small amount of ozone released, more than a certain amount will stimulate the respiratory system. When using this type of purifier, it is best not to stay in the room and close after entering the house, because ozone can be rapidly restored in space and will not stay for a long time.
        Just like the masks are dirty, they have to be changed. The filter of the purifier should also be replaced in time. Even in the case of better air quality, the use of the filter can not exceed six months, otherwise the filter material will release hazardous substances after saturation, but instead become a "pollution source."
        In addition to the purifiers, it is also possible to arrange enlarged leaf plants in the room, such as green radish, spider plants, etc. They have a certain adsorption function, which can reduce indoor dust and PM2.5. In addition, PM2.5 is added to the dry air in winter. Therefore, a humidifier can also be used in combination to ensure indoor humidity and reduce pollution.