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    Eyesight, air purifiers ≠eliminators!
    Click:73 Date:2018-04-16 11:55:00 Information Source:

       How to remove indoor house dust, prevent all kinds of allergic diseases, and create a safe and clean indoor environment are the focus of consumers' attention in recent years. With the increase of some allergic diseases, everyone has paid special attention to the prevention and treatment of allergic problems. In this regard, some manufacturers of air purifiers continue to introduce new ones, and even played a smashing card. Then, the doubts in the minds of consumers are also blowing: Does the air purifier really eliminate it? Can an air purifier completely replace the skimmer? Did you buy an air purifier once and for all?
       In fact, air purifiers and rake rakes are different in terms of functions, principles, and effects. Many consumers still have many misunderstandings in their choices. Serious haze, frequent allergies, misty flowers, do not rely on a pair of eye how can!