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    How high is the filtration efficiency of air filter?
    Click:1771 Date:2016-01-29 11:43:00 Information Source:
    Air filter, the quality of good or bad? The key lies in the air filter filter bacteria efficiency is how high?

    Recently, according to media reports, a single bacterium although small in size, but in nature it is often exist in the form of groups. In particular, is often and give it
    provides nutrients, water carrier coexistence. As early as in 50 ~ 60's foreign succession reported about air filter efficiency on bacteria experiment research. Such
    as H.M. Decker experiments prove that. Filtration efficiency of single glass fiber mat of Escherichia coli bacteriophage was 98%, of Salmonella aerosol filtration
    efficiency reached 99%.Coli phage aerosol of glass fiber, glass fiber, non absorbent cotton, high efficiency particulate air filter test by 1966 Oregon State University
    of C.J.Washam et al. In addition, Japan's Furuhashi Masaki uses the atomization of Staphylococcus aureus aerosol 1.8~4.3um and Salmonella enteritidis aerosol
    (1.8 ~8.3um) of Japan, the sale of all kinds of air filters the germ filtering efficiency test. Results show that, the germ filtering efficiency of all filters were higher than
    that of the product specifications provide the products DOP efficiency or NBS efficiency.At the same time, virus is smaller in size, but it usually parasitic and other
    microbes in, so air borne virus particle, size than the virus itself to one to two orders of magnitude, even greater. Since it is so, air filter on bacteria, virus should have
    higher filtration efficiency, a large number of domestic and foreign experimental, confirmed the the results.

    Contact person:Grace Zhong