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    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the company's products/interface, interaction design and realization of the project;
    2. Make a reasonable structure of the web page prototype independently and complete the front-end development; 
    3. Responsible for the realization of the front-end interface display effects and multiple browser compatibility changes;

    1, have good communication skills, team spirit, professional dedication; 
    2, understand the Web standards, to the availability, accessibility, each browser compatibility and so on have a deep understanding and practice experience; 
    3, proficient in JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, front-end technology such as DOM, master the object-oriented programming ideas 
    4, logical, good at communication, and strong ability to learn 
    5, solve problems, to study the interest and ability of the new technology, the industry new technologies and trends have stronger sensitivity; 
    6, independent coding ability, able to skillfully use all kinds of front-end code debugging tools, are in the habit of good code structure for clean, naming conventions, strong logicality, code redundancy rate is low, has the certain user demand analysis ability; 
    7, has strong interest to the latest technology, to improve the user experience has a deep understanding of website;