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    Cooker hood filter mesh
    • Cooker hood filter mesh
    •  It is made of unique synthetic flame retardant fiber and by advanced manufacture technics with permanent flame retardant function. There is little smoke and no melting drops with self-extinguishing effect when flaming.

      Excellent uniformity, smooth surface, flexible, excellent filter efficiency, high dust holding capacity, good stability, easy to install,and the ventilator avoid washing. It can be used in all kinds of kitchen ventilators

      Grammes per square metre: 100g/m2110g/ m2


      Thickness: 2.5mm

    Oild absorbing filter cotton
    • Oild absorbing filter cotton
    • It used PP or PET fiber for production,it's with features of high porosity degree, good air permeability, high dust-collect efficiency, excellent resistance to tensile stress and long working life etc. The highest resistant temperature is up to 150 degree Celsius. Medium acid retardance, medium alkalinity and excellent Abrasion resisting property. Widely used in oil absorbing.

      Grammes per square metre: 30g/m²~500g/m²
      Width: 0.5m~2.2m
      Thickness: 0.1cm~1cm

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