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    Disposable mask

    一次性三层口罩 Disposable three-layer mask 



     Good ventilation; Able to filter toxic gases; Able to keep warm; Able to absorb water; Able to be waterproof; Flexible; Not dishevelled;  

    Quite soft hand feeling; Compared with other masks, the texture is relatively light; It is very elastic and can be restored after stretching; The price is relatively low, which is suitable for mass production; 


    With dustproof, anti-saliva,and other protective effects, comfortable to wear 


     Elastic earrings, will not cause pressure on the ears, high-quality fabric, reduce skin irritation. Light weight and easy to use. 

    (4)包装:50件/盒,20盒/纸箱,纸箱尺寸:425x420x230 mm,总重量:

    5 kg Package:50pcs/box,20boxes/carton,carton size: 425x420x230mm,G.W.:5KG 


    Shelf life: 3 years