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    Paint stop filter

    DESCRIPTION: It is a high-arrestance filter made of high strength glass fiber with gradual density. Low compressibility keeps its shape and makes fiber purified air effectively. It can absorb the excess particles during paint-spraying operation and reducing pollution to the environment, makes the exhausted air more environmental-friendly and inner circulating air more clean.

       ·Low initial resistance

       ·High separation efficiency

       ·Different color on inlet and outlet side


       ·Economical and practical

    Application: used in the spray booth or filter mist in the kitchen

    Type: supply pads or rolls size

    Media: fiber glass with gradual density, inlet side is

    green,outlet side is white

    EN779 class: G2

    Average arrestance:93%ASHRAE52.1-1992

    EUROVENT4/5 class: EU2

    Average separation efficiency: 95%

    Final resistance: (suggested) 130Pa-200Pa

    Temperature resistance: 170℃

    APPLICATION: It's especially suitable for automotive/furniture paint spray booth, coating production line, etc, widely applied to filtration of high quality surface painting with the feature of high arrestance, high efficiency in absorbing extra particle during the course of painting,making air pressure more equally.It is a typical econological material






    200 g/m2

    250 g/m2

    320 g/m2

    250 g/m2


    30 mm

    60 mm

    90-100 mm

    60 mm

    Max. Airflow

    4860 m3/hr

    4680 m3/hr

    4350 m3/hr

    4120 m3/hr

    Initial Resistance

    12 Pa

    12 Pa

    12 Pa

    12 Pa

    Final Resistance

    200 Pa

    200 Pa

    200 Pa

    200 Pa


    78.70 %




    Airflow Speed

    1.35 m/sec.

    1.30 m/sec.

    1.26 m/sec.

    1.22 m/sec.

    Dust Holding Capacity

    3560 g/m2

    3850 g/m2

    4000 g/m2

    4200 g/m2

    Max. Working Temp.

    150 °C

    150 °C

    150 °C

    150 °C

    Filtering Grade

    G2/EU-2 DIN24185


    G3/EU-3 DIN24185

    G3/EU-3 DIN24185

    Fireproof Level

    F-1 DIN53438

    F-1 DIN53438

    F-1 DIN53438

    F-1 DIN53438