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    Three factors affecting the performance of air filters
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    With the deteriorating environmental pollution, people's requirements for air quality are getting higher and higher, and there will be creation when there is demand. There are many air filters on the market now. Do you know what affects its life and performance? The three major elements of air filter performance parameters are: resistance, efficiency, and dust holding capacity.
    (1) Resistance (pressure loss)
    There are two types of resistance: 1. Initial resistance (resistance when clean) 2. Final resistance (resistance when scrapped), the final resistance is generally twice the initial resistance, and the final resistance of the high-efficiency filter is 2-3 of the initial resistance. Times. Resistance is proportional to wind speed. The higher the wind speed, the greater the resistance. Large resistance can affect the performance of the fan, increase the power consumption of the fan, increase the cost of the enterprise, and many customers pay attention to the resistance so that it is better to choose a small resistance filter rate The high air filter is to consider the cost performance. The air filter should be replaced in time when it reaches the final resistance. If you continue to use it, the consequences and losses will be huge.
    (2) Efficiency
    There are two commonly used specifications for the efficiency classification of air filters: American regulations (all beginning with MERV in the representation) European regulations (starting with G, F, H, U), and our commonly used European regulations: G-G4 is the primary filter Mesh (the filter material is generally human fiber/glass fiber), F5-F9 is a medium-efficiency filter (the filter material is generally glass fiber)), H11-U17 is a high-efficiency filter (glass fiber filter paper/HEPA/ULPA). Different filter materials of air filters have different efficiencies. When purchasing air filters, many customers first consider their own cleanliness requirements and understand the filtration efficiency of various filter materials, so that they can choose the ones that are more suitable for them and relatively cost-effective. product.
    (3) Dust holding capacity
    The dust holding capacity is related to the service life of the filter. The greater the dust holding capacity, the longer the service life.
    The above are the three factors that affect the cost-effectiveness of the air filter described by the editor. Customers who want to buy can understand the product from the three factors, and then choose a suitable and cost-effective air filter.