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    Hangzhou Household Appliances Association Annual Meeting held air purifiers into hot spots
    Click:934 Date:2019-01-24 14:52:00 Information Source:

         Recently, the annual meeting of Hangzhou Household Appliance Industry Association of Zhejiang Province was held. Participating leaders of associations, provincial home appliance associations, Hangzhou Marketing Association and other related associations, as well as home appliance industry, industrial design industry units.
         At the meeting, the Deputy Director of the Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission Xu Huzhong affirmed the achievements of the Hangzhou Household Appliances Association in the past year. He said that the home appliance industry is not only a traditional industry but also an emerging industry. Not only traditional refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc., but many new home appliances for the current social development and some new growth points are also being joined, such as some home appliances for the home car industry, as well as electrical appliances that meet new requirements, such as air purification. Instruments, water purifiers, etc., can be used as the direction of industry development. Ma Guoxin, secretary-general of Zhejiang Household Appliances Association, analyzed the development status and trends of the home appliance industry.
         As an electric appliance with high-speed growth in the past year, the air purifier has attracted the attention of related companies.