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    Wuhan water purifier air purifier sales blowout
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        Hankou Aviation Road, the most expensive commercial district in Wuhan, the door-to-door price is gold, and the street window is dominated by various luxury brands all the year round. But not long ago, the industrial and commercial home appliances aviation road shopping plaza located in the business district gave up a high monthly rent of 800 yuan / square meter, and all the best positions were taken back from the camp, put on the health appliances, which made people big. Do not understand.

    Health appliances become the biggest black horse
    It is expected that this year's growth will reach 1000%
        The reporter saw yesterday at the Industrial and Commercial Appliances Aviation Road Shopping Plaza that the hundreds of square meters of booths originally leased to merchants have been replaced by the Health Appliances Exhibition Zone, various types of water purifiers and air purification equipment, and Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. Good product, placed on the first floor. In the entire first floor store, in addition to Apple, Samsung, Sony three high-end brand experience hall, the remaining gold areas have almost become the health appliances exhibition area.
        It is understood that the first floor exhibition area of ​​the home appliance super store has always placed the most popular home appliance digital products, especially the window on the street is the weather vane of the trend of home appliances. For many years, color TV sets, cameras, computers, mobile phones and other categories have been on the window. Now, the industry and trade home appliances have given some of the best window positions on the first floor to health appliances, which seems to be a strong market signal for people in the industry.
        It is understood that just two or three years ago, health appliances belonged to a relatively small category, only as a supplement to living appliances, to meet a small number of consumers with special needs. But since last year, no one has thought that the sales of such products have exploded, becoming a dark horse in the category of home appliances.
        Xu Bin, deputy general manager of Industry and Trade Appliances, told reporters that in 2017, sales of industrial and electrical appliances in Wuhan regional sales of health appliances exceeded 10 million yuan, and this year sales are expected to increase by 1000% to reach 100 million yuan.
        The shopping guide Zhang told reporters that the water purifiers and air purification brands in the previous store were only five or six in total, but since last year, they have been sought after by consumers, and the major health appliance brands at home and abroad have entered the market. The number of brands in this category has increased dramatically. More than 20.
    The price does not lose "local gold"
    The market snapped up several times out of stock
        Xu Bin said that it is not that industry and trade are deliberately guiding the market, and the adjustment of the booth is entirely driven by the market.
        Xu, the head of the Industry and Commerce Appliances Life Appliances, told the reporter, “The brands of high-end air purifiers such as Honeywell and Blueair are in short supply in the market, and there are several out-of-stocks, and 3M water purification. The equipment is also tight."
        The reporter saw on the first floor of the exhibition area that there were indeed three or four air purifiers on the stand, only the model labels and price cards were placed. The shopping guide told the reporter that the prototypes were all robbed by consumers.
        Xu Bin told reporters that with the increase of residents' income, consumers' demands for quality of life are also constantly improving. The demand for purifying home appliances has also been upgraded from the previous brands such as Daikin, Sharp, Siemens, Philips and Yadu to ambitious. More professional brands such as Honeywell and Blueair.
        The reporter saw on the scene that whether it is a water purifier or an air purifier, the prices of these health appliances are not cheap. According to the different purification areas, domestic products are mostly in the 2000-4000 yuan, while the imported products are mostly in the 6000 yuan. The high price also has more than 10,000 yuan. Compared to Apple's local gold on the digital booth, there is no inferiority.
    Special maintenance needs in the later period
    The potential of the associated industry is huge
        According to Xu Bin, the consumers who come to buy air purifiers are mainly the following types of people, one is a family with newborn babies, the other is a group with respiratory diseases, and the other is a higher quality of life. family. “And, there is a notable feature of the purchase of this type of people, that is, the purchase of multiple units at a time depending on the size and size of the room. Therefore, the market potential of this industry is quite large.”
        Industry insiders told reporters that in addition to one-time sales, water purifiers and air purifiers have late maintenance needs, and this piece is also a huge market.
        Take an air purifier filter as an example. Depending on the area, the price ranges from 400 yuan to 800 yuan. The replacement of the complete set of activated carbon filters in the water purifier requires hundreds of yuan, and the life cycle of the filter is also different depending on the material. The life span ranges from six months to two years.
        Industry insiders told reporters that under normal circumstances, the cost of replacing consumables every year for health appliances is about 10%-15% of the price, and this one is also a huge market.
        According to industry insiders, with the improvement of consumers' awareness of their own and their families, healthy appliances will explode this year.